Monk Glyphs

Glyphs for monks are not yet listed, I will list them here once they are and will also list what glyphs are optimal for each tree.


The Best monk Glyphs For 5.3 Builds Are:

Best Brewmaster Monk Glyphs:

Major Brewmaster Monk Glyphs: Fortifying Brew, Stoneskin, Guard, Leer of the Ox, Touch of Death

Minor Brewmaster Monk Glyphs: Spirit Roll, Water Roll


Best Mistweaver Monk Glyphs:

Major Mistweaver Monk Glyphs: Fortifying Brew, Stoneskin, Guard, Leer of the Ox, Touch of Death

Minor Mistweaver Monk Glyphs: Spirit Roll, Water Roll


Best Windwalker Monk Glyphs:

Major Mistweaver Monk Glyphs: Retreat, Touch of Death, Spinning Crane Kick

Minor Mistweaver Monk Glyphs: Blackout Kick, Spirit Roll, Water Roll


Major Glyphs
Increases the chance to summon a Healing Sphere when you kill an enemy while gaining experience or honor by 25%.
Breath of Fire
When you use Breath of Fire on targets afflicted with your Dizzying Haze, they become Disoriented for 3 sec.
Increases the range of your Clash ability by 10 yards.
Crackling Jade Lightning
Your Crackling Jade Lightning knocks the target back a further distance, and after being knocked back increases the damage the target takes from your Crackling Jade Lightning by 25% for 8 sec.
Enduring Healing Sphere
Increases the duration of your Healing Spheres by 3 minutes.
Expel Harm
Increases the range of your Expel Harm by 10 yards.
Fists of Fury
When channeling Fists of Fury, your parry chance is increased by 100%.
Fortifying Brew
Your Fortifying Brew reduces damage taken by an additional 5%, but increases your health by 10% rather than 20%.
Increases the amount your Guard absorbs by 10%, but your Guard can only absorb magical damage.
Leer of the Ox
Teaches you the spell Leer of the Ox.
Leer of the Ox - Your Ox Statue stirs hatred in the target, reducing their movement speed by 50% and causing them to attack your Black Ox Statue for 8 sec. The statue must be within 40 yards of the target. Requires Black Ox Statue to be active.
Life Cocoon
Life Cocoon can now be cast while stunned.
Mana Tea
Your Mana Tea is instant instead of channeled and consumes two stacks when used, but causes a 10 sec cooldown.
Your Paralysis ability also removes all damage over time effects from the target.
Renewing Mists
Your Renewing Mist travels to the furthest injured target within 40 yards rather than the closest injured target within 20 yards.
When you Roll or Chi Torpedo, all threat is temporarily reduced for 10 sec.
While Sparring, you also have a 5% chance to deflect spells from attackers in front of you, stacking up to 3 times.
Spinning Crane Kick
You move at full speed while channeling Spinning Crane Kick.
When you use Fortifying Brew, all bleed damage taken is reduced by 20% while active.
Surging Mist
Your Surging Mist no longer requires a target, and instead heals the lowest health target within 40 yards.
Touch of Death
Your Touch of Death no longer has a Chi cost, but the cooldown is increased by 2 minutes.
Touch of Karma
Your Touch of Karma now has a 20 yard range.
Increases the range of your Transcendence: Transfer spell by 10 yards.
Your Uplift no longer costs Chi, but instead costs 16% Mana.
Zen Meditation
You can now channel Zen Meditation while moving.


Minor Glyphs

Blackout Kick
Your Blackout Kick always deals 20% additional damage over 4 sec regardless of positioning but you're unable to trigger the healing effect.
Crackling Tiger Lightning
Your Crackling Jade Lightning visual is altered to the color of the White Tiger celestial.
Fighting Pose
Your spirit now appears in a fighting pose when using Transcendence.
Flying Serpent Kick
Your Flying Serpent Kick automatically ends when you fly into an enemy, triggering the area of effect damage and snare.
You honorably bow after each successful Touch of Death.
You always will attack with hands and fist with Jab, even with non-fist weapons equipped.
Rising Tiger Kick
Your Rising Sun Kick's visual is altered to the color of the White Tiger.
Spinning Fire Blossom
Your Spinning Fire Blossom requires an enemy target rather than traveling in front of you, but is no longer capable of rooting targets.
Spirit Roll
You can cast Roll or Chi Torpedo while dead as a spirit.
Water Roll
You can Roll or Chi Torpedo over water.
Zen Flight
Teaches you the spell Zen Flight. Zen Flight requires a Flight Master's License in order to be cast.
Zen Flight - You fly through the air at a quick speed on a meditative cloud.