Monk Talents

This area will list the current monk talents. Currently this information is not yet public but we will list it here once it is.

To create talent builds from these talents you can use the following talent calculators.

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    WOW Monk Talents

    Tier 1 (level 15)

    Allows you to Roll and Chi Torpedo more often, increases their maximum number of charges by 1, and reduces their cooldown by 5 seconds.

    Instantly clears the target of all immobilizing and movement impairing effects, and increases their movement speed by 70% for 6 seconds.

    30 second cooldown, instant, 20 yard range

    Every time you Roll or Chi Torpedo, your movement speed is increased by 25% for 10 sec. Stacks up to 2 times.

    Tier 2 (level 30)

    You cause a wave of Chi energy to flow through friend and foe, dealing [ 493 + 45% of AP ] Nature damage or [ 493 + 54% of AP ] healing. Bounces up to 7 times to the nearest targets within 20 yards.
    When bouncing to allies, Chi Wave will prefer those injured over full health.

    15 second cooldown, instant, 40 yard range

    Forms a Zen Sphere above the target, healing the target for healingperiodic and dealing [ 99 + (1.0) * 9% of APhealingperiodic=(99 + (1.0) * 9% of AP)damagedetonate=(403 + (1.0) * 36.8% of AP)healingdetonate=(256 + (1.0) * 23.4% of AP) ] Nature damage to the nearest enemy within 10 yards of the target every 2 sec for 16 seconds. Only two Zen Spheres can be summoned at any one time.
    If the target of the Zen Sphere reaches 35% or lower health or if the Zen Sphere is dispelled or expires it will detonate, dealing damagedetonate Nature damage and healingdetonate healing to all targets within 10 yards.

    instant, 40 yard range, 10 second cooldown

    You summon a torrent of Chi energy and hurl it at the target, dealing [ 1,325 + 121% of AP ] Nature damage to all enemies, and [ 1,095 + AP ] healing to all allies in its path. Chi Burst will always heal the Monk.
    While casting Chi Burst, you continue to dodge, parry, and auto-attack.
    1 second cast, 40 yard range

    Tier 3 (level 45)

    Your Jab generates an additional Chi when used. This effect has a 20 second cooldown.  If you are already at maximum Chi, a Chi Sphere will be summoned near you.

    Increases the amount of maximum Chi by 1.

    Instantly restores all of your Chi.

    90 second cooldown, instant

    Tier 4 (level 60)

    Forms a sanctuary around the friendly target, causing all nearby enemies within 8 yards to be disarmed and nearby enemy players unable to auto-attack. In addition, enemies who cast a harmful spell within the ring become silenced for 3 seconds. Ring of Peace lasts for 8 seconds.

    45 second cooldown, instant

    A mighty Ox effigy rushes forward 30 yards in front of you, stunning all enemies within its path for 3 seconds.

    60 second cooldown, instant

    You knock down all enemies within 5 yards, effectively stunning them for 5 seconds.

    45 second cooldown, instant

    Tier 5 (level 75)

    Every 18 seconds, you gain Healing Elixirs, causing your next Brew or Tea to also heal you for 15% of your total health.

    You dampen the damage from the most harmful attacks done to you. The next 3 attacks within 45 seconds that deal damage equal to 20% or more of your total health are reduced by half.
    Dampen Harm can be cast while stunned.

    90 second cooldown, instant

    Reduces all spell damage taken by 90% and clears all magical effects on you, reversing them back to their original caster if within 40 yards if possible. Lasts for 6 seconds.

    90 second cooldown, instant

    Tier 6 (level 90)

    You summon a whirling tornado that travels in front of you, dealing 5,540 Nature damage to all targets in its path and increasing damage taken by your Spinning Crane Kick by 30% for 8 seconds.
    Brewmaster - Causes Shuffle when cast.
    Mistweaver - Increases the healing done by your Spinning Crane Kick by 50% for 12 seconds.

    15 second cooldown, instant, 2 Chi

    Invokes the White Tiger Celestial, summoning an effigy at the command of the caster. The effigy will assist you, attacking your primary target and also inflicting tiger lightning every 6 sec to 3 nearby enemies within 10 yards dealing 1,605 damage over 5 sec. Lasts for 45 seconds.
    Brewmaster - Xuen will also taunt the target, forcing it to attack him.

    3 minute cooldown, instant, 40 yard range

    Torpedo a distance in front of you, dealing [ 2,069 + 55.6% of AP ] Nature damage to all enemies and 8,408 healing to all allies in your path.

    Chi Torpedo replaces Roll.